About This Blog (And Me!)

Hello kiddos!

I'm Andrea and this blog is my online virtual crazy space where I can share all my green juices, green smoothies, vegan and raw recipes with you!   I am a wife, mother, small business owner, Boston Red Sox fan, and I also work a full-time 40 hour per week job.  Yes, my plate is full with life, long before I add the veggies!  But, I have realized this way of life doesn't have to break your bank or suck the life force out of you!  As the name of this blog suggests, I like my gin in addition to my green juices!  I also love scotch.  So tasty!  The point is, you can live a full, fun, meaningful life, while taking care of yourself and being realistic with yourself!!

I used to eat bacon like 12 times a day (slight exaggeration...but only slight). After a slew of trendy diets, caffeine, and headaches, I saw the light!  I love my body and I want to nurture it.   I find this lifestyle (it is NOT a diet!) to be extremely fun, satisfying, and occasionally a little wacky.  Now, I don't eat vegan or super-d-duper healthy 100% of the time (as is indicated by my declaration of love for scotch above)...its just not realistic.   I have a two year old...there are days I take a bite of his mac-n-cheese.   That's life.   I just try my best every day to make good choices for myself and my family, and let the rest go because, hey, who cares? 

I want to share my recipes, successes, super failures, and life tips with you so that you too can make room on that full-life-plate for health!! For more info on what it means to "be green", read here! If you like what you see, great!  If you don't, great!  Either way, I'm glad you stopped by! Enjoy =)  

* Please excuse the dust as I develop this magnificent creation!  Building a recipe blog takes a while!  Whew! I'm tired...perhaps I'll have myself some gin...or juice =)  


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