Monday, September 9, 2013

Kitchen Sink Juice + A 1 Day Detox

Well, there was a little too much fun in my weekend.  Pumpkin beer is on the shelves...what do you expect?!  In my defense, the beer I consumed had an inspirational bottle top.  I rest my case.

Although it may have seemed like a good idea (pumpkin beer) at the time, I'm feeling sluggish today as a result of my fall-inspired libations.  The rainy doom and gloom going on outside isn't helping either.   I decided today was the day for a glass of liquid sunshine.  Every now and again I'll do a one or two day juice fast/veggie cleanse to give my body an opportunity to replenish nutrients, rest, and repair.  Today, friends, is the perfect day for such a mission!

This morning, my fridge was full of produce that could be kindly described as lackluster, at best.  I have a soft spot in my heart for sad-looking veggies, though...they make such tasty juices!  I decided to just literally throw it all into the kitchen sink, wash it, and juice it on up into a big ole' pitcher.

The result was different than most of my juicing recipes. This juice has a stronger greens flavor, with a slight hit of sweetness.  This really is the best type of juice if your fasting or cleansing.  Too much fruit = too much sugar, which kind of defeats the purpose of a cleanse!

If you're new to juicing, don't feel the need to jump all in head first!   Add some pineapple, a lemon, and a piece of ginger to soften up the flavor profile of this mean green machine!  In other news, this juice tasted so satisfying, like my body was craving vital veggie nutrients.   I guess I needed this more than I thought!

Juicing sometimes feels like an art, more than a nutritional dietary practice.  And sometimes, as in traditional forms of art, you throw crap together and it works.  Voila!  I give you my accidental and tasty masterpiece...Kitchen Sink Juice fit for a detox!  *Kind suggestion*  If using this recipe for a detox/cleanse/fast, go ahead and spring for organic produce.  Your body, digestive system and liver will thank you =)

Kitchen Sink Juice (Fit For A Detox)
*Makes a medium-sized pitcher of juice...about 5-6 mason jars full.  Perfect to make in the a.m. and sip on all day!

1 head romaine lettuce
1 bunch kale
3 large cucumbers, or 4 small, peeled
3 large apples
1 orange, peeled
1/2 bag carrots
1 1/2 cups coconut water

To Prepare:  Push all ingredients, except coconut water, through your juicer.  Re-run pulp through if desired.  With juicer still running, pour coconut water through juicer and into your glass/pitcher.  Enjoy straight up or on the rocks.

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