Friday, August 2, 2013

Kale of the Tropics Juice + Staying on Track

You know I love my fitness and juices...

...but I was really struggling to get my boo-tay out of bed to work out this morning!  I planned to run 3 miles before work (early enough that I could avoid the heat) but it just didn't happen.  My legs felt like lead, so I opted for a yoga session and some stretching instead.  I recently found Yoga Today and I'm loving it for last minute yoga workouts.  Each week they post a free hour long class taught by various instructors.  It's a great way to get zen on a budget!

The class was challenging but I felt a bit more centered and "with it", if you will, once I was done.

To get back on track (after a quick fight with my mini juice strainer) I whipped up a new green juice recipe that even my husband loved!! Yesssss!

Kale of the Tropics Juice
*Makes 2 16oz glasses of green juice. Keep one in a mason jar in the fridge with the lid on to drink later!

1/5 ripe pineapple, cut into chunks or strips (eyeball it)
1/2 lemon, unpeeled
3 large kale leaves
3 celery stalks
1 large cucumber, peeled
1/4 - 1/2 cup coconut water

To make: Press all ingredients through juicer except coconut water.  Run your pulp back through the juicer if desired to get every last bit of goodness.  While the juicer is still running, pour the coconut water through to push the last bit of juice into your glass.  Serve as is or over ice.  Oh yea, enjoy! =)

The epic aftermath of my juice strainer fight this morning!

This juice totally brightened my day.  The fresh citrus and sweet fruit totally mellowed the greens.  Another great option for those who aren't keen on the kale!  And let's not forget, the magical hydration powers of cucumbers and coconut water..they are my juicing dynamic duo!  (Also great hangover friends)

As I was sipping my sweet creation, I started thinking about my rough morning and how hard it can be to stay on track and bounce back.  I think one of the common misconceptions about healthy food and lifestyle blog writers is that we are these super-human pep monsters who never have a bad day and eat kale with every meal.   Well, I wish I could be that woman, but its just not possible or even human.   Yesterday was one of my "human" days.  Instead of waking up around 5am to afford myself time for a workout, juicing, and getting my toddler ready for pre-school, I hit snooze so many times on my cell phone alarm that it told me "No More Snooze Available" and refused to stop beeping.  Apparently my phone was fed up with my sluggish start.  Oops!

A random picture of lemons.  You're welcome.

Getting up and over low-motivation days like this are one of the biggest obstacles to a healthy lifestyle.  Everyone has them.  It's ok!  Just do the best you can everyday!  I hear so many people beat themselves up (verbally that is) when they slip up, and then make poor choices the rest of the day/week/month because they think they've lost it all.  You haven't!  Just say, "oh man, did I really just eat the entire bag of cookies??  Well, they were daaaaang good!"  And then have an apple for your next snack.  All better!

There are a few things I have learned to do to make life easier and to keep me from making poor choices in times of motivational crisis!  Check out my next post where I'll share my fav recipes and tips with you that make healthy living/eating oh-so-much-easier (note I didn't say easy...I said easier...making real food is always more work than frozen or pre-maid...but it's worth it!  I promise!!)

In the mean time, I'm going to have another pineapple-y treat to ease this rough day I had...technically it's a fruit if there's pineapple in it right?? =)  Pineapple other fav summer juice!


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