Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Strange Thing Happened in Yoga + Sweet Liquid Sunshine Sugar Rush Juice

Today, while doing yoga in my living room, I got pissed.  I'm talking psycho lady red-hot rage pissed.  Weird right??  I was doing a shoulder stand and suddenly felt myself light up white hot with a rage.  I thought "Holy hell, woman.  Slow your roll!  This is yoga!  What is there to be mad about??"  I kind of went with it and just felt mad for a while, then it faded and suddenly all was well.  Hmm...

This lemon is veeery reminiscent of my expression during yoga...grrrr

After my session, I started trying to find other crazy people doing my research on the internet, and it turns out, one blogger says its normal!!  Well thank heavens, because although it was weird, it kind of felt good.

Basically, this blog article explains that our emotions, stress, anxiety and energy are all stored in our tissues, some of which are never released until we start practicing yoga.  In certain poses and practices, your body, muscles, glands and joints are compressed and stretched in a way that your body has never experienced before.  As a result, in theory, these cuh-razy emotions flood you all at once out of nowhere as your body starts to process them.

Well, hello repressed anger!  How'd'ya do??

As the article mentions, I have been guilty of persuading my friends to go to yoga by promising that it will make them feel better, relaxed, and totally with it.  Whoopsies!

In my defense, yoga is a beneficial practice that does make you feel better!!  I have to tell ya, after that rage was released, my shoulders have felt relaxed all day...which never happens.  That's where I carry the troubles of the world, dontcha know!   Anywho, I just had to share this experience because it was funny and a bit troubling.  Just know, if you cry, scream, or fall asleep, it happens! =)

After my rage sesh, I figured I was due for a good ole fashion morning sugar rush to get me ready for work (and all those troubles of the world as afore mentioned).  I envisioned sunshine, fresh fruit and smiles.  This juice has all of that!  Only problem is, I was running late and didn't get a pic of the juice in the jar, just in the pitcher that sits under the juicer spout.  Whoopsies again!

Sweet Liquid Sunshine Sugar Rush Juice
*Makes two 16 ounce glasses of juice.

1 cup pineapple
1 large navel orange
1/2 lemon, peeled (to reduce bitterness and stark citrus bite)
1 cup blueberries
2 cucumbers, peeled
1 cup coconut water

To make: Push all ingredients through your juicer, except coconut water.  Once all fruits and veggies are through, run pulp back through if desired.  Then, while juicer is still running, pour the coconut water through the juicer and into your glass.  Serve chilled.  Enjoy!

Because this juice is so fruit heavy, it probably will spike your blood sugar a bit.  Make sure you eat something with it, like Simple Avocado Toasts, to keep yo' sweet self leveled. =)

BONUS Recipe: Make it a smoothie!

*Add the juice to a blender with one cup baby spinach and a frozen banana.  Blend, serve, enjoy!  BAM!! 


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