Friday, July 19, 2013

"Green" Kale Packed Smoothie

I'm learning to LOVE kale...without adding gin to it.  Clearly, I'm joking.  That would be nasty.  Well...maybe not after a couple of them...I digress.   The point of this post is that I am learning to love kale!   As a newbie in the vegan/raw way of health, I found kale to be a bit intimidating.  It's a thicker, dark, leafy green that has a flavor all its own!  No hiding this bad boy with a huge dollop of vegan dressing! No way Jose!  Nowadays, I can tear through a head of kale like nothin', but the transition took some time.  I initially got started by adding it to my green juices and green smoothies.  Now I'm up to half my plate covered with kale salad!  So yummy!

Kale is basically a super green (pictured above with a drizzle of agave for this recipe!!).  Its jam packed with vitamins, minerals, our good friend chlorophyll, and it makes your body happy!!  Feeling timid too?  No worries!  I have a delicious "green" smoothie recipe (that actually turns out dark purple sometimes) that will have you believing you too can eat kale on the regular!  Now, I don't usually recommend starting the day off with this much fruit (aka sugar), but if this is how you can transition to loving this hearty veggie, then I am all for it!!

Side note: Not all green smoothies turn out green, usually because there is a dark fruit added or there aren't enough greens in the recipe to begin with.  Some "green" smoothies are purple...some are even brown or another odd color variation.  It's one of those horrible truths no one tells ya, and you stand in your kitchen wondering what went wrong! "But, I added like half a blender of spinach to this?!  Why isn't it turning that amazing neon green color I see online?!" Don't stress kiddos, just get the veggies in!  Do your best, forget the rest...just don't forget the kale!!  This recipe has more fruit than usual and it calls for blueberries, hence why the term "Green" is loosely used in quotations.  You've been warned!!

"Green" Kale Packed Smoothie


1 Navel Orange, peeled
1 Ripe Banana, peeled and frozen
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk (Or Non-Dairy Milk of Choice)
1/2 cup Coconut Water
3-4 large Kale Leaves, washed and torn into smaller, blender sized pieces
1 teaspoon agave syrup, stevia, or other natural sweetener


Pour the almond milk and coconut water into your blender first (always!).  Add in your fruit and kale.  Drizzle the agave over the kale on top.  Cover, blend on high until smooth and creamy.  Feel free to add in a couple ice cubes while the mixture is blending if you want a colder, thicker smoothie.

As I said, this smoothie starts out pretty (as you can see when it was in my blender), but comes out this weird green-grey-purple-y color...still tastes amazing, though!  Don't let the color scare you...delish, I promise! =)  **Note** Don't over blend like I did, you can avoid those pesky surface air bubbles! =)

Easy-peasy start to your day, and a great big 'ole serving of fruit and veggies to boot!  See?  You can do it!!!

Now, friends, go forth and blend to health!!

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