Monday, July 22, 2013

24 Carrots Vegan Chow (Review)

Holy vegan cannoli!  This weekend, I had the pleasure of dining at 24 Carrots, Natural Cafe & Juice Bar in Chandler, Arizona.  WOW.  This place was amazing.  A colorful, diverse menu that was totally vegan, and mostly raw!  I got a whole feast for lunch (hey, you can splurge a bit when it's all veggies!!)  I did end up getting take out, so ignore the to-go containers! =)

I started off with the Raw Marinated Veggie Enchiladas...

So dreamy.  Perfect amount of spice and substance.  And the spicy cashew cream...delish!

I followed those bad boys up with a Zucchini Noodle Salad...

Layers of fresh veggies, spiraled zucchini noodles, and the freshest tangy raw dressing I could imagine.  It had hints of fresh ginger and spices..divine!

The BEST part of the meal however, was the finale.  The Raw Fig Pistachio Balsamic Cupcake.

Yes, I nearly died and went to heaven when I had this masterpiece.  It was rich but not overwhelming, with a creamy frosting, fresh dried figs, pistachios, and a sweet, thick balsamic reduction glaze.  As I said, holy vegan cannoli!!  (It is my mission to re-create this treat...stay tuned!!)

Know of any good vegan restaurants??  I'd love to know!  Share in the comments below if you feel so inclined! =)

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